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Erik Storesund

Democrat for CT-3



Provide everyone with resources just for being here

  • $2000/month to every citizen over the age of 18

  • $500/month to every citizen under the age of 18

  • $500/month to every registered legal resident

  • $10 to everyone who passes through customs, "Welcome to America, here's $10 to spend as you please"

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We need a new way of doing things,

Because while we may not be sure if the new ways will work,

We can be certain that the old ways definitely WON'T.



When I first considered running, I thought to myself "If we don't get our crap together soon, our country, our planet, we're screwed. Would I rather be someone who did everything I could to try and prevent that fate, or be someone who didn't?"

I'm thrilled that you feel the same way and would like to help me fix this country. We're gonna need all the help we can get!

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This site is still under construction.

Coming Soon™:  Instructions for how to register as a Democrat, Far more thorough policy descriptions, and more!